Colour usually means the finished product.

Rogue & Gambit

Rogue & Gambit
This has the distinction of being the first X-Men picture I ever drew. ;) Coloured most excellently by my sister, Jeanne. :)

Classic Rogue Classic Rogue
My first Photoshop colouring job using a tablet. It turned out better than I thought it would. Drawn as a present for Rogue 14.
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler
My second Photoshop job for a Nightcrawler concept.
Sunrise Sunrise
A crappy sketch I took into Photoshop. The anatomy leaves something to be desired for, but I quite like the fact that it's so sassy. ;)
`Full Circle #3` cover

'Full Circle' #3 Cover
The planned front cover of my 'Full Circle' Gambit spin-off comic (the script can be read in my fanfic section). This is an old one. I quite like the lighting though. :)

Jubilee vs Mystique Jubilee vs. Mystique
I just love the colours in this. Again the anatomy is slightly off, but this was one of my first good colouring jobs.
Old group picture.  Hero shot! Gratuitous Hero Shot
Old picture. Nightcrawler, Emma Frost, Polaris, Rogue, gambit, Shadowcat, Colossus, Jean Grey, Professor X, Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, Jubilee, Archangel, Beast.
Remy in Jeans Remy in Jeans
Gratuitous Gambit picture, for Nefertari Amun-Ra.
Spangly Psylocke, for ParamitePie Spangly Psylocke
Present for Nefertari Amun-Ra. I always thought Betsy would look classy with a cigarette in one of those old filters. :)
Ninja Psylocke Ninja Psylocke
I finally got down to finishing the background for this. I'm still not happy with the psyblade though. That was a kind of technical obstacle I couldn't quite jump over.
Dangerous Foreplay Dangerous Foreplay
There was a story behind this picture, but it's probably best not to relate it here. ;) This was inspired by a fortnight of religiously listening to Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine', and naturally rather sadistic inclinations. I love the purply-red background. To me, that equals passion. ;)
Team Alpha X-Men: Team Alpha
A group shot of one of the teams from me and my sister's alternate universe. (The Insurrection universe - you can read fics from this universe in the fanfic section). This is probably my best colouring job yet, although I'm not happy with the background. I'll probably put in a Danger Room shot, if I have the time.
Gambit:Remixed Gambit: Remixed
A Gambit costume redesign and winner for a competition run by the Ragin' Cajun Club. Actually, this is an old concept for the Insurrection universe, and my sister designed it, not me. =p
Bad Touch Bad Touch by Katjen
Pencils by Katjen, for her fanfic, Bad Touch. Colours by me. Loved the split-screen look. :)
Jeans Jeans
Gift for Angy. This is actually the first X-Men picture I've done using traditional mediums - acrylic inks and gouache to be precise. :)
Rogue - Trinity Rogue - Trinity
Competition entry for the Rogue-fans crossover competition on deviantART. This is meant to be a cross between Rogue and Trinity of the Matrix, and was based on one of my Threads stories (see the fanfic section). It won second prize.
Intimacy Intimacy
This was a sketch I drew that turned into a convenient picture to practice my Painter skills on. I tried using shades of purple instead of usual skintones.
Valentine Valentine's Sucks
Competition entry for the Rogue-fans Valentine's Daycompetition on deviantART. I'm not a fan of Valentine's, so I thought I'd do something a bit funny and cynical rather than fluffy. Inspired by the wonderful Vincent Watkins-Chow. It won first prize.
Mahogany Mahogany
More of a portrait that happened to have Rogue's face. It was inspired by the first chapter of katjen's "Cheating At Solitaire", and what I really wanted to concentrate on was the long, flowing mahogany hair. I'm particularly proud of the colouring on this one, which I spent a considerable amount of time on.
Untouchable Green Untouchable Green
This was basically just me scanning a random sketch I did into Photoshop and messing around with it. Nothing special.